Nicusa Investment Advisors

NIA offers the following advisory services to CEOs and Boards of Directors:

Corporate Strategy and Shareholder Value Creation:

Gone are the days when management can hope to make shareholders happy by focusing solely on operating results. Senior management is now expected to create shareholder value through operating excellence, aggressive capital allocation and proactive corporate governance.

Paul brings 30 years of experience evaluating corporate strategy across numerous industries, and more than 20 years teaching the topic to graduate business students. This wealth of experience will help managements identify and address critical strategic issues particularly as they pertain to creating shareholder value.

Corporate Governance and defense against activist shareholders:

Corporate Governance must be executed correctly to dissipate activist exploits. Shareholders are no longer passive in their dealings with management. Unless Boards take governance seriously, institutional investors will become more aggressive in their demands.

As an investor, Paul was involved in six successful efforts to change company management, Boards of Directors or both. His extensive experience as an activist provides management teams with key insights and seasoned advice in dealing with aggressive shareholders.